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Carpet Steam Cleaning Geelong

Coastal Cleaning offers carpet cleaning Geelong and the surrounding area. We offer a carpet cleaning service after end-of-lease cleaning. Be worry free before moving out of your house, as we will make the carpets as fresh as new even before your tenancy starts. 

With our carpet cleaning service, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your work. Our professional team has cleaned the dirtiest carpet with ease. We can also patch the carpet with an iron mark on it. The machine we use is portable and strong enough to vacuum 98% of the moisture from the carpet. The interesting thing is that the carpet cleaning machines we use are manufactured in Australia, keeping in mind the country’s weather conditions. 

Our machines are suitable for commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning in Geelong. We have worked with multi-storied apartments by taking up the machines there to clean the carpets. It is difficult to search for a carpet cleaning company that is transparent and professional. Therefore, by signing up with Coastal Cleaners, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your service. 

We promise to go above and beyond to offer the service you deserve. Our services include

  • 100% guaranteed satisfied service from trained, certified, screened, and experienced personnel.
  • Inexpensive cleaning options
  • Free rates for carpet cleaning
  • Contemporary cleaning technology

No matter your issue, we have a wide choice of solutions available through our range of services. Our highly qualified personnel will assist in solving any problems you may be having with your car, furniture, or flooring.

Our team of Coastal Cleaners can fix practically any problem with your flooring thanks to our grout and tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, and pressure cleaning services. Our upholstery cleaning is unmatched. Here are some of the key reasons why our customers repeatedly book carpet cleaning services with us.

  • Our Geelong carpet cleaners are trained and certified.
  • If you are not satisfied with our service, we will either redo the cleaning or give you a refund!
  • We employ secure, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.
  • We don’t work with outside vendors. The company employs all of its carpet cleaning specialists.

Carpet Cleaning Geelong

We have repeat clients across Australia because of one reason. We deliver what we promise. Regardless of your location or type of requirement, our cleaners will go the extra mile to deliver what we promise. Check the different carpet cleaning services we offer to our clients,

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is challenging when you are cleaning by yourself. Rather than struggling with the cleaning, call us up as we have the best staff, products, and techniques to restore your upholstery to perfect condition. Cleaning your sofa and chair will not only beautify your furniture but also add energy to a room. You should know that upholstered furniture naturallnaturally gathers oils, dust even dead skin cells from the air around it. Therefore, you require professional upholstery cleaning services to remove stains and turn your living room into a new one.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We understand the importance of carpet cleaning. The entire day, you know the amount of traffic utilizing the floor of your business on daily basis. Not only are we talking about shows, but equipment and machine spills also come into direct contact with your office floor. Therefore, your office requires a comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning service. Your business requires uncontaminated and fresh carpet and we at CoastalCleaners will make that happen for you. As regularRegular and deep carpet cleaning will make your carpet last longer and save you money for a long time.

Our Main Services Includes:-

A good carpet cleaning service is indeed challenging to find and trust. That’s where CoastalCleaning comes in. It is professional, effective, and reliable commercial and residential carpet cleaning in Geelong. Here are some of the best cleaning services you can take advantage of.

End of Lease Cleaning Geelong

Our end-of-lease cleaning is thorough and transparent. We take care of your carpet completely without skipping any step.

Home Cleaning Geelong

Coastal Cleaners will take care of your entire home cleaning Geelong. Regardless of the size or location, we promise to make your home shine and dust free in a matter of few hours.

Office Cleaning Geelong

To attract long-term clients and keep your business sustainable you need to start with office cleaning. Don’t worry, our professional team will help you with office cleaning services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

1. Eliminate all the items from the floor

The floors will be properly cleaned, and even big items will be moved to their proper place.

2. Deeply clean the surfaces

Before cleaning the carpet, dust should be removed from baseboards, ceiling fans, picture frames, window sills, and all other surfaces to prevent it from landing there once you’re done.

3. Properly vacuum

Steam cleaners are not meant to be used as vacuums, even when they have a powerful suction. Vacuum first to remove all loose, large particles and hair that could clog your steam cleaner. It also fluffs up the fibers so the shampoo and steam can penetrate better. Don’t forget the edges by the walls – use a crevice tool if needed.

4. Treat Stains in Advance:

Set-in stains should be treated in advance. Either dab the stain up with a cloth or spray your pre-treater on it and let it sit for a while before using the steam cleaner.

5. Fill the Tanks:

Our cleaners will add hot water and detergent to the steam cleaner tanks. Some machines have separate tanks for these. as directed by the manufacturer.

6. Start Streaming

Start in the far corner of the room (farthest from your water source) and work backward, so you’re never walking on the wet carpet.

7. Dry your carpet thoroughly and practice maintenance

Keep all objects off the floor. Set up box fans, turn on ceiling fans, or open windows to facilitate faster drying. This will help prevent mold and mildew. We will also vacuum at least twice a week and use doormats at all outdoor entrances.

FAQs About Carpet Steam Cleaning

Yes, steam cleaning is an efficient and effective way to build up carpet fibers which includes pet scents, and mold. Additionally, it also enhances the appearance of carpets ignored over a long time.
Usually, steam cleaning uses high pressure which results in ineffective and messy carpet cleaning. Also, high water pressure can also break down your carpet and after multiple cleans remove the carpet fibers.
Steam cleaners offer deeper cleaning which takes out dirt from the bottom of the carpet fibers. Shampooers mainly bury the dirt in foam and frequently include brighteners to give the appearance that your carpet is cleaner than it actually is. This may eventually result in yellowing that cannot be reversed.
Steam cleaning takes anywhere from 10 to 24 hours or more to completely dry. However, the carpet dry timeline takes around 4 to 8 hours if you don’t use traditional steam cleaning methods that utilize a large volume of water because of the dependability of shampoo and soaps.
Your cleaned carpet will dry out more rapidly if you use a fan to blow air over it since the moisture will be blasted away more quickly when it starts to evaporate. Get as much air moving as you can by using the strongest fan you have access to.
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