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End of Lease Cleaning Services Geelong

End of lease cleaning or bond cleaning includes cleaning and scrubbing thoroughly. This service is highly required when you want to show your property to the tenants. As your new tenants will have expectations from you and how your property should look like. To create the best impression and offer the property in the best possible condition sign up for end-of-lease cleaning services.

Our professional and experienced staff will deliver quality service with the highest standard. As all of our staff is professionally trained, you don’t need to have a headache about managing the cleaning services.

The main reasons for choosing Coastal Cleaning as an end-of-lease cleaning are as follows.

  • Well-trained and professional vacate cleaners
  • 5+ years of experience working in the cleaning industry
  • 7 days availability
  • Usage of eco-friendly products
  • Instant free quotes with proper support
  • Offer discounts for full end-of-lease bond cleaning

At Coastal Cleaning, we understand that cleaning your house is tiring and exhausting process. Even, you may miss the best methods to apply while cleaning your house. As you would be busy packing and switching your important packages to another home. Therefore, you would require professional and smart cleaners that will help you clean your house and help you leave your rental in better condition. By signing up for our end-of-lease cleaning services, you will surely receive great advantages. Here are some of the advantages, you will receive.

  • Save your precious time and energy by directly recruiting us for your end-of-lease cleaning service. As we are proficient movers and cleaners who will handle your assets carefully.
  • Be worry-free and directly assign the entire cleaning contract to CleaningCoastals. Our cleaners will help you clean your belonging, move them and make sure your place will be completely cleaned. Our team will use their own items and supplies to save you the hassle as well.

End of Lease Cleaning Services

Relocating to your new home is surely an exciting feeling, but, prior to successfully relocating it, you need to handle a series of tasks. Tasks such as those mentioned below.
  • Check the condition of the property
  • Whether you are required to restore the property to its normal condition
  • Ensure you follow all the instructions carefully

Our Main Services Includes:

Here are some of the best cleaning services CoastalCleaners offers.

  • Check the condition of the property

Get exceptional lease cleaning service CoastalCleaners and help tenants to receive the full bond back without facing any conflict. Our professional cleaners will go the extra mile to deliver excellent results. Even, we always adhere to work related to compliance. Being a tenant you don’t need to worry about giving away your bond money at the end of the tenancy timeline. Rather than being scared about losing your entire security deposit because of the cluttered and diary house, our team will make you stress-free while saving your money. Signup for our custom bond cleaning in Geelong and receive instant bond cleaning service.

  • Commercial Cleaning Services

Coastal Cleaners has more than 5 years of experience in commercial cleaning. Offering a range of commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries across Australia makes us a prominent and trustworthy cleaning company. Each of our cleaning services from home cleaning to carpet cleaning and end-of-lease cleaning service fits the requirement of our client. Our tailor-made cleaning program matches your business requirement and offers results as per your expectations. Our commercial cleaning service is affordable, thorough, and helpful for specialized and general businesses as well.
Services we offer high and low-rise buildings, commercial floor cleaning, and polishing, sanitization services, and graffiti removal are some of the commercial cleaning services offered by us.

  • Home Cleaning Geelong

Coastal Cleaners are leading home cleaning company in Geelong offering residential and domestic cleaning services. House cleaning Geelong offers multiple services such as carpet cleaning Geelong, vacate cleaning Geelong, bond cleaning, and end-of-lease Geelong. Our professional cleaners are exceptionally skilled and experienced in delivering brilliant services at cost-effective prices and making you stress-free. We will turn your home sparkling clean and fresh, giving you a sense of pride and making you worry-free. We take pride in the work we do and don’t believe in compromising the quality. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of our services, as we will turn your home into an enjoyable, clean, and healthier place for living.

Our End of Lease Cleaning Strategy In Detail

Expect regular and thorough cleaning when you hire our end-of-lease cleaners. However, the hours of cleaning depend upon your home size. In most cases, we implement the following strategy to clean your place.
  • All of the walls have been swept
  • Clean the interior and tops of both cabinets;
  • Remove all exterior and internal glass;
  • Clean all window accessories (such as blinds and curtains).
  • To get rid of dirt and insects, all light fixtures are cleaned and polished.
  • Vacuumed and surface-mopped
  • Every window track has been cleaned.
  • Someone had cleaned the oven.
  • All items are thoroughly cleaned, and any new fingerprints or markings are removed.

FAQs About End of Lease Cleaning

When you vacate a rented property or change home, another tenant moves into the house. Therefore, it is expected of you to clean your vacant property before you leave. To perform that you can hire end of a lease cleaning company such as CoastalCleaning.
End-of-lease cleaning helps the tenants to get a clean property under the best condition. Generally, when new tenants move into a card for cleaned property, they have expectations of getting a hygienic and clean place. Therefore, it is a must to buy end-of-cleaning services to keep your property in the best possible condition.
End of lease cleaning costs $200 to $400 in Australia. However, the cost totally depends upon the size of your house and the list of services you add to the cleaning. Also, vacate cleans and bond cleans differ in price as well. The price factor varies depending on your location, the list of tasks, and the timeline to complete those tasks.
Yes, the end of cleaning includes vacuuming carpet cleaning as well. It even includes mopping floors, dusting hard furniture, kitchen cleaning, oven cleaning, and bathroom and window cleaning as well.

To clean 4 bed house takes 5 hours to 7 hours. Here is the list of hours for cleaning each property.

  • 1-bed (2.5hrs)
  • 2-bed 2-bed 1-bath (3hrs)
  • 2-bed 2-bath (3.5hrs)
  • 3-bed (4hrs)
  • 4-bed (5hrs)
  • 5-bed (6hrs)
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