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Commercial Office Cleaning Geelong

Office cleaning is an essential part of any business. Apart from office cleaning, we also offer industrial cleaning in Geelong, covering complete cleaning services in your industry office area as well.
As the reputation of your office depends upon its cleanliness and atmosphere, you make or break a deal with your client. To make your clients happy and retain them for longer, it is essential to sign up for a reliable office cleaning service. We offer complete office cleaning services at reasonable prices and offer recurring as well as one-time cleaning services.

Our covered areas include the following locations.

  • Armstrong Creek
  • Ocen Grove
  • Torquay
  • Barwon Heads
  • Grovedale
  • Portarlington
  • Leopold

Our office cleaners in Geelong aim to offer cost-effective and timely office cleaning services. The following points will give you the reason why you should choose us.

  • Daily or weekly office cleaning services
  • Fully insured services
  • Small to large offices welcome
  • Client log book to talk with your cleaner for a specific service
  • Friendly cleaners
  • Everytime get the service from the same cleaners

We prefer to break the work plans into 3 categories, each having different equipment requirements, cost profiles, and management techniques. To maximize the commercial value for clients, it is a must to keep the right balance. Apart from that, we always aim to understand your needs, by offering the following services.

  • Routine Cleaning : Standard and everyday cleaning service with highly focused tasks and productivity per sqm.
  • Requirement of Special Equipment : Our local supervisor as well as skilled staff will offer quality and responsive services
  • Major Periodicals : Our team is skilled with the specialized crew having expensive equipment. Also, we offer extensive planning and logistics as well.

Superior Services with Office Cleaning Geelong

Apart from office cleaning, we also offer industrial cleaning in Geelong as well. The following are the core services we offer with office cleaning services.

Deep carpet cleaning

Same as your body, your carpet also smells when it is dirty. Therefore, proper cleaning is essential. The job spot cleaning also helps to identify the dirtiness of the carpet as well. Our professional deep carpet cleaners will make sure to use a few household ingredients, a stem cleaner, and a vacuum to get the job done.

Power washing

In power washing the heated water makes it easier to clean surfaces same as your dishwashing. This type of washing is applied where the surface is heavily solid and keeps up with warmer spray. In power washing, it will be recommended on surfaces such as cement and concrete which will not damage power washing.

Furniture and upholstery cleaning

The furniture in your living area can take a lot of wear and tear, even while being extra careful you might spill a glass of wine on your favorite furniture. Once that happens, you know the stains are going to stick and won’t go away. To solve this problem our professional furniture cleaning will make your favorite future clean and show you remedies to avoid getting permanent stains in the future.

Window washing

Our professionals will wash windows with superior quality liquid. Both interior and exterior window cleaning will be done by our professional. We also ensure to check the material used for windows prior to cleaning one.

Our Office Cleaning Strategy

Our aim is always to clean your office effectively and within the timeline. Being a business, you know the value of time. Here are the strategies we follow.
  • At first we start organizing your desk and make sure all the things are properly placed. Even we will help you to manage the pile of paper on your desk
  • We will find common areas such as corners, bathrooms, and restroom which requires frequent cleaning
  • Another important thing we never forget is to clean our technology, meaning we will take care of cleaning your mobile phone, and computer, otherwise the increase in bacteria will become an issue.
  • Once we find all the location which requires cleaning, we give them the appropriate equipment and assign them a specific location.

FAQs About Office Cleaning

The office cleaning should include multiple things which are mentioned below.

  • Lifts
  • Management offices
  • Open plan office areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Work/desk areas
  • Stairways
  • Windows and glass
Office space should be cleaned at least once a year. That is the minimum time, however, if you have more employees in your office and it gets dusty often, then make sure to clean it properly twice a year too.
The normal cleaning service and Commercial cleaning Geelong surely differ in charges. The per-hour charge of cleaners in Australia is $20 to $65 per hour. The price depends upon the services you signup for as well as the timeline of how long it will take to complete your office cleaning.

Empty the bins

Emptying the bins are the first task cleaner should do while cleaning the office. Apart from that, they should also take out the rubbish and unnecessary coffee spills and smudges from the desk too.

Wipe down desks and surfaces properly

After cleaning the bin, it is essential to wipe desks and surfaces properly. Both desk and surface should be cleaned, which means, removing unnecessary papers, cards, and notes which were lying there for months.

Vacuuming with 4 stage filtration system

The vacuuming can happen with 2 types. The first type of vacuuming applies where the office area is dirty. There it is essential that the whole office gets vacuumed once a week.

In the second type, the entire office will be vacuumed when the size of the office will be relatively smaller. As the space decreases, it is important to clean up the entire office.

Janitorial cleaning includes services and involves bigger tasks that need to be done every 6 months or a year.

In office cleaning service, the cleaning service includes hefty cleaning jobs, also a commercial cleaning jobs include multiple services such as deep carpet cleaning, power washing, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, and window washing.

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